June 18, 2024
BH Discloses Military Enlistment Schedule for RM, Jimin, V & Jungkook
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So, BH Discloses Military Enlistment Schedule for RM, Jimin, V & Jungkook!

Upcoming Military Service for BTS Members

It has been officially confirmed that RM, + Jimin, V, & Jungkook, are now set to begin their military service soon.

Official Notice from BIGHIT MUSIC

On Dec 5, an official note was issued by BH regarding the military goals for RM, Jimin, + V, & Jungkook.

A Message from BIGHIT MUSIC

Additionally, BH MUSIC extends its gratitude to all supporters for their unwavering affection & support towards BTS. So, the company told that RM, + Jimin, + V, & Jk are officially scheduled to enter the military to officially fulfill their country duties. Plus, RM & V will now follow their individual enlistment processes, additionally, Jimin & Jk enlist on the same day. BH also highlighted that yes, no public events during their enlistment.

Guidance for Fans on Enlistment Day

Moreover, this ceremony is an intimate event for military personnel & their families. In light of this, supporters are nudged to please avoid visiting the ceremony area to preclude any potential disturbances. BH requests supporters to show their affection & supporters from afar.

Support for BTS During Military Service

Supporters are cautioned against engaging in unauthorized commercial activities, including tours or merchandise, that illegitimately exploit the artists’ (IP) intellectual property. Plus, the company intends to take any legal action against however, if such unauthorized usage.

Initial Enlistment Announcement

Previously in Nov, BH had disclosed RM, + Jimin, V, & Jk’s plans for enlistment. Although, in rejoinder to inferences focusing on the enlistment dates of RM, + V, Jimin, & Jk, BH remarked that they can’t verify specific details.

Previous BTS Enlistments

Before this, Suga was officially the 3rd Bangtan member to officially enlist, following Jin & J-Hope.

Best Wishes for BTS

Lastly, as BTS embarks on this new chapter, they carry with them the best wishes for a safe and healthy tenure in military service.

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