June 18, 2024
JHope and Jimin
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On 15 Feb UNICEF Korea report BTS JHope and Jimin from BTS both individually donated 100M won to support the victims/people of Turkey also Syria that are impacted due to earthquake recently.

When natural catastrophes affect Korea or even other areas of the world, Member JHope stands out as “Donation Angel” he leads the way in raising funds to help the underprivileged.

Jimin additionally has a reputation for consistently helping the victims/ people by funding to international organizations plus locals.

Jhope and Jimin remarks

JHope remarked, “I believe it can aid and provide hope to the kids who’re affected from the earthquake.”

Plus Jimin remarked, “I hope it’ll still benefit the kids affected due to disaster.”

Secretary General of Korean UNICEF

Lee KiChul, who’s (SG) Secretary General of (KC) Korean Committee of UNICEF, once thanked both members for providing a helping hand. He responded by quoting an (SD) senior diplomat statement who once remarked:

“South Korea has accomplished 2 significant achievements in sixty years. The 1st was Korean democracy & economic growth/ development, & the 2nd was producing BTS.”

Love Myself & End Violence campaign

Lastly, for the past 6 years, BTS running a campaign called “LOVE MYSELF” additionally supporting UNICEF’s campaign namely “END Violence” to end violence towards children & adolescents.

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