July 12, 2024
Super Junior's Choi Siwon Voices Critique on SM Entertainment's Production Quality
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In an era where digital presence is as significant as onstage performance, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon took to Twitter to express his concerns over SM Entertainment’s production quality, sparking widespread discussion before the tweet’s swift disappearance.

The Tweet Heard Around the World

On February 22, Choi Siwon boldly addressed the quality of SM Entertainment’s livestream production for their recent SMTOWN concert. His tweet, a direct call for improvement in converting concert footage to video, was a rare glimpse into the usually behind-the-scenes discussions on production quality. “SMTOWN concert. (SM Entertainment) needs to improve how they convert camera footage to video immediately,” he remarked, pointing out a gap in the viewer experience.

The Viral Impact of a Deleted Message

Although the tweet was quickly removed, its contents resonated with fans and spread across the internet. Supporters and netizens alike echoed Siwon’s sentiments, sharing their own frustrations with the concert’s camera work. From missing key performances to questionable angles, the audience’s disappointment was palpable, highlighting a disconnect between the live experience and its digital rendition.

Fan Reactions and the Call for Change

Feedback from the global fanbase was swift and supportive of Siwon’s critique. Many pointed out inconsistencies in camera focus, with some artists barely featured and others overly highlighted. Questions about rehearsal quality and the overall value of the viewing experience were raised, underlining a shared demand for higher production standards.

A Comparative Look at Concert Quality

The discussion further broadened to comparisons between SM Entertainment’s concert productions in different countries. Fans noted a stark contrast in the quality of camera work at Japanese concerts versus those in Korea, sparking a debate on the standards maintained by the entertainment giant across different locales.

Showcasing Talent in Tokyo

The concert in question, part of SM Entertainment’s marquee SMTOWN live events, was held in Tokyo, Japan, featuring performances from the label’s leading artists like Red Velvet, Super Junior, and RIIZE. Despite the production criticisms, the event celebrated the talent and diversity of SM’s roster, reinforcing the label’s influential position in the global music scene.

Moving Forward

The incident serves as a critical reminder of the evolving expectations of global audiences in the digital age. As fans worldwide gain access to live events through screens, the demand for quality that matches the live experience is ever-increasing. For SM Entertainment and the wider industry, Siwon’s tweet highlights the need for continuous improvement and adaptation in the digital concert experience.

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