April 24, 2024
Choc-A-Lot Surprise: NCT's Doyoung Gifts Fans 100 Sweet Codes on Valentine's
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In an unexpected turn, NCT’s Doyoung Gifts Fans 100 Sweet Codes on Valentine to fans.

The Dear U. Bubble Surprise

Breaking away from the tradition where girls typically gift chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Doyoung decided to orchestrate a delightful reversal. Renowned for his affable nature, he took to Dear U. Bubble, unveiling his wish to shower fans with chocolates. Through 100 screenshots of gift codes, fans became the recipients of this unprecedented sweet surprise.

Doyoung’s Personal Message

Expressing his sincere intention, Doyoung humorously penned, “I desired to deliver you fellas chocolate. Kekekekekeke. I don’t know umm if this is alright, but I really desired to gift them to u. So, Shall I merely try to transmit it?” This initiated a cascade of joy as the first 100 fortunate fans eagerly anticipated redeeming their codes at nearby convenience stores.

The Swift Redemption

Within a matter of minutes, the entire batch of codes vanished into the eager hands of fans, creating an enthusiastic frenzy. Doyoung playfully acknowledged the swift response, remarking, “Even if you fellas are at convenience shop right now by luck, you can’t utilize several codes. It’s a promise. Hehehhehee. However, I’m pleased I got to deliver you fellas chocolate. Lastly, Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Overwhelming Joy

Doyoung’s thoughtful gesture rippled through his fanbase, eliciting waves of joy and love. The unconventional twist on Valentine’s Day not only surprised but etched a lasting memory for those fortunate enough to secure the coveted chocolate codes.

A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Doyoung’s distinctive approach to Valentine’s Day stands as a testament to his genuine affection for fans. As this NCT member continues to captivate hearts through his endearing gestures, the sweet surprise of 100 chocolates will undoubtedly remain a cherished highlight of Valentine’s Day 2024.

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