July 12, 2024
Unusual Beauty Requests: K-Pop Trainees Pressured to Surgically Enhance These 4 Body Areas
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In a current episode of the program called “Get Real” podcast by DivePods, so, Ladies’ Code’s Ashley conveyed insights into her trainee life, underlining the remarkably heightened beauty measures imposed by trainers. Bashing the coercion they faced, she disclosed how trainers demanded on cosmetic adaptions, encompassing shaving the jaws & face.

Challenging Beauty Standards: Ashley’s Trainee Experience

Although, during ash trainee times, Ash reminisced the constant directives from trainers, exhorting her & fellow trainees to withstand diverse cosmetic procedures & the directives were distinctive, varying from nose & eye enhancements to shaving the jaws & face, reflecting an industry preoccupied with physical formation.

Surprising Cosmetic Concerns

So, apart from the typical facial features, choi discloses unexpected body parts scrutinized for potential plastic surgery.

Knees: In an unexpected turn, coaches expressed concern about the aesthetics of Ashley’s knees, labeling them as less than attractive. Fellow cast members BM and Peniel were visibly surprised by this unusual focus on such a specific body part.

Neck: Trainees find themselves under the microscope regarding the length of their necks, facing criticism for being either too long or too short.

Shoulders: The scrutiny extends to the width of shoulders, where a preference for narrowness is emphasized for a perceived delicate appearance. Trainers are keen on commenting on the breadth of shoulders

Gums: Ashley, personally affected, recalls instances where her gums became the subject of insults. She was even boosted to experience surgery to discourse what was considered an “unattractive” smile.

Personal Struggle: Ashley’s Candid Confession

Ashley voiced her opposition to conforming to these stringent beauty ideals, emphasizing the challenges trainees face in navigating such directives. The intimidation to alter even minute segments showcased the industry’s relentless pursuit of a particular aesthetic, leaving trainees with little choice but to comply.

Impact on Trainees: The Toll of Unrealistic Standards

The podcast sheds light on the impact of unrealistic beauty standards on trainees’ mental well-being. Ashley’s remarks underscore the need for a more compassionate approach within the entertainment industry, challenging the norms that perpetuate an unattainable perception of beauty.

Resilience Amidst Pressure: Ashley’s Journey Beyond Beauty Standards

Notwithstanding the challenges, Ashley’s candid reflections divulge a resilience to uphold her individuality in an environment that often prioritizes conformity. Her journey serves as a testament to the strength required to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry’s beauty expectations.

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