May 28, 2024
Lee Jong Suk, IU, Park Bo Young, Chanyeol, & Others Donated on Children's Day
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On Children’s Day (CD), an official holiday only celebrated in South Korea every year on 5th May, a number of celebrities have given significant donations.

Lee Jong Suk donation

Back on the 3rd, Lee Jong Suk gave a $75875 donation to the (AMC) Asan Medical Center (CH) Children’s Hospital. He reportedly donated money from the bazaar Jongsuk personally hosted last month & it would be used to pay for the medical bills of pediatric patients that belong to low-income households.

IU donations on Children’s day

On the 4th of May, IU donated gifts to the (MS) Milal School students; this school is a special school (SS) for kids with disabilities. IU gave pizza, beverages, & rice cakes that she, along with her mum, had made for pupils and instructors. Last month, IU created “One Step,” a track that offers hope to youngsters with impairments, in collaboration with Milal School kids & musician Jehwi (who also co-wrote IU’s (TTN “Through the Night”).

Furthermore, IU gave 100M won to (CFK) ChildFund Korea, which said they’d utilize it to aid those kids who are disabled, kids with single moms, and kids raised by elders. IU has been giving yearly contributions to ChildFund Korea (CFK) since 2015.

The contribution was given under the significant name “IUAENA,” so actually, this is a mixture of IU plus her fan group name UAENA (according to the contribution certificate that IU published on Twitter).

EXO’S Chanyeol donation

On Thursday, May 4th, Snail of Love (TSL), a social welfare, disclosed that Chanyeol contributed $15200 to help kids with hearing problems. Two youngsters with hearing loss will receive cochlear implants plus speech therapy thanks to Chanyeol’s generosity.

Park Bo Young donation

Via Future Youth Foundation (FYF), the star, namely Park Bo Young, donated to the hospital, namely Seoul Children’s Hospital, previously this past week for the tenth consecutive year. The $75,800 contribution from Park Boyoung will be used to enhance the art therapy provided to kids with developmental disorders.

Since 2014, Bo Young with (SCH) Seoul Children’s Hospital has continued to maintain a close bond. The actress has contributed more than $189,700 throughout the span of ten years, aiding to pay for medical care bills for patients plus for treatment equipment, air conditioners, alongside air purifiers. She has consistently given to charity and volunteered at the (CH) Children’s Hospital for around 120 hours.

Lee Seung Gi performance

On the occasion of Children’s Day, a star, namely Lee Seung Gi, surprised youngsters who were patients at the SNU Children’s Hospital by performing. He performed for them back on 3rd in order to make them feel happy and courageous, reported by the hospital. Additionally, according to reports, about 250 individuals, including patients, family members, plus medical staff, attended his surprise celebration.

Lee Byung Hun donation

Lee Byung Hun contributed 100M won on Friday, May 5, to aid kids & adolescent patients, according to the (CH) Children’s Hospital at (AMC) Asan Medical Centre. Byung Hun’s donation/ contribution will support integrated medical care that can lessen pain and enhance the quality of living for children in need & their families, plus pay for medical costs for kids whose families are struggling financially.

Kim Go Eun donation

The actress contributed to (SNU) Seoul National University (CH) Children’s Hospital $37900, as reported by Kim Go Eun’s management company, BH Ent. Go Eun’s 3rd yearly contribution since 2021 will help cure kids from low-income households who have serious or persistent diseases.

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