June 18, 2024
Jay Park's More Vision Considers Cutting Ties with Jessi After Scheduling Dispute
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So here is an unexpected turn: Jay Park’s More Vision Considers Cutting Ties with Jessi After Scheduling Dispute

More Vision Discusses Contract Termination with Jessi:

Recent developments indicate that More Vision, led by Jay Park is considering ending their contract with the renowned singer. Reports from The Fact on December 6th suggest that discussions are ongoing about Jessi’s departure from the label. She had joined More Vision back in April following the conclusion of her contract with Psy’s P Nation back in July of the previous year. With approximately 7 months remaining in her current contract, Jessi seems close to exiting the company.

Disagreements Leading to Potential Split:

It appears that the decision to possibly terminate the contract stems from unresolved differences between More Vision & Jessi. The main challenge lies in bridging their differing viewpoints, with the chances of reconciling and maintaining their professional relationship seeming slim.

Jessi’s Recent Music Activities and Health Concerns:

Jessi’s latest track, called “Gum,” was released on Oct 25th, marking one and a half years with More Vision. Controversy arose when her planned appearance on “Music Bank” on Oct 27th was abruptly canceled due to health issues, followed by absences from programs “Music Core” & “Inkigayo.” This sparked discussions among netizens about her noticeably reduced activity compared to previous album promotions.

Inside Sources Reveal Contract Struggles:

An inside source spoke to The Fact, revealing that the conflict between Jessi & More Vision extended beyond her recent song promotions, leading to a mutual decision that parting ways might be the best course of action.

Jessi’s Personal Reflections and Vacation:

On PowerFM’s “Choi Hwayoung’s Power Time” on Oct 31st, Jessi opened up about feeling alone post-P Nation, facing betrayals, & enduring stress & exhaustion from continuous work without a break for 3.5 to 4 years. Recently, she has been sharing updates from her vacation in Bali, Indonesia, on her social media, indicating a period of rest and rejuvenation.

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