May 28, 2024
Song Joong Ki & Katie Louis welcomed their 1st baby boy
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Song Joong Ki & Katie Louis welcomed their 1st baby boy.

Song Joongki married Katie Louis a few months ago.

However, Song Joong Ki’s management company Hijieum Studio stated on June 14 revealed the actor “Song Joongki welcomes a baby boy in Italy.”

Song Joong Ki announced this news through his own fan cafe later, this afternoon.

Song Joong Ki note

Song Joongki announced the birth of his 1st son in a long piece written by himself, adding, “She’s (Katie) now in Italy & finally welcomed baby boy in city Rome, Katy’s (his wife’s) homeland.”

He additionally stated, “I already met my baby & wife very happily & I am taking care of (Katie & baby) my family very happily with a grateful heart & It’s the most valuable gift.”

Additionally, earlier in 2023, Song Joongki shared the exciting news regarding his wedding & Katie’s pregnancy after declaring his love for his British wife Katie Lewis the previous year.

Song Joong Ki coming drama

Lastly, “Bogota,” a serial by Song Joongki, is slated to be aired in 2023. It’s a crime serial about individuals making a pact to live in Bogota, the final resort for hopeless situations.

Congrats to the couple on the newest family member!

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