June 18, 2024
BTS's V Breathtaking Harper Bazaar Edition Wipes Out Stocks Across Korean & Japanese Retailers Before Launch, Fans Enchanted
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Harper’s Bazaar Korea Unveils BTS’ Kim Taehyung for February: A Fresh Look in Celine

On Jan 10, (HBK) Harper’s Bazaar Korea disclosed 3 cover portraits for their February subject, showcasing Kim Taehyung in a distinguishable appearance. He sported varied Celine outfits & a daring hair color, leaving supporters in astonishment.

Fan Engagement: Voting for the Best Cover

Supporters were enchanted by the 3 images, featuring different outfits & Celine attire. A ballot was conducted, permitting fans to determine their favorite cover. So, the winning cover, determined by ballots, will grace Harper’s Bazaar Feb issue & the ballot remains open until Jan 15.

Sold-Out Success: V Breathtaking Harper Bazaar Edition Wipes Out Stocks Create Frenzy

Concisely after cover photographs were unveiled, V’s Harper’s covers were completely sold across considerable online & offline stocks in Korea & Japan, preceding their official out. Supporters honored this triumph, proudly anointing it a “BEST SELLER” moment for V.

All-Kill Title: Taehyung Dominates E-Commerce Platforms

As Preliminary bookings commenced, V’s covers emerged as best sellers on 7 prominent e-commerce outlets. The covers were gone in a flash within 24H on Aladin, yes24, + Ktown, Gmarket, + Kyobobook, Qoo10 Japan, & Rakuten Japan. Accumulating an “All-Kill” tag, V’s selling power shone via as supporters rushed to secure the coveted Feb issue.

Fashion World Domination: Taehyung’s Visuals Make an Impact

V’s striking visuals and captivating cover photographs for Harper’s Bazaar solidify his power on the fashion planet. Fans trumpeted the singer for unfailingly topping magazine covers, attributing his triumph not solely to his mag impressions but even to V’s endorsements for labels like Cartier, Celine, + Compose Coffee, & others.

Social Media Celebration: Fans Commend Taehyung’s Achievements

Across social media, supporters congratulated V on the rapid E
entirely purchased of his own Harper’s Bazaar covers plus, his power to claim the greatest zone in pre-orders & endorsements resonated with admirers, who expressed pride in the singer’s accomplishments.

Military Service Update: BTS’ V to Return by 2025

Lastly, in Dec 2023, V commenced his obligatory military service. Supporters eagerly foresee his return in coming 2025, as the artist takes an interim pause from his flourishing career.

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