April 24, 2024
YoonA & Lee Junho Agencies Finally Address Dating Allegations
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YoonA & Lee Junho agencies finally address dating Allegations!

Actors YoonA & Lee Junho from the blockbuster serial “King the Land” have refuted dating allegations.

Following on the third of July a company representative claimed that the 2 celebrities started dating prior to “King the Land” being shot.

Agencies Response

YoonA’s management company, SM Entertainment, replied to the news story by declaring, “The 2 are only close friends & the dating/ relationship speculations aren’t valid.”

The same response was provided by Lee Junho’s management company, JYP Entertainment: “The 2 are only close, however after verifying with Junho, the relationship allegations are untrue.

Lee Junho and YoonA

However, they have incredible chemistry in a drama named “King the Land” also outstanding performances back in awards make people fall in love with them and they delivered fantastic
performances & after dating speculations the couple are in one of the hot topics.

About YoonA

YoonA made her Girls’ Generation début in 2007, whereas Lee Junho had his 2PM début the following year. YoonA has established an acclaimed acting career through “You’re My Destiny,” + “Love Rain,” + “Confidential Assignment,” + “The King Loves,” plus “EXIT,” & “Big Mouth.”

About Lee Junho

On the other hand, Lee Junho became well-known for starring in plays like “Good Manager,” plus “Just Between Lovers,” + “Wok of Love,” & “The Red Sleeve” along with movies like “Cold Eyes” & “Twenty.”

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