May 28, 2024
2PM’s Taecyeon And Won Ji An Confirmed To Cast In New Vampire Drama “My Heart Is Beating” 2PM’s Taecyeon And Won Ji An
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Taecyeon & Won Ji An both will be cast in the coming up latest vampire drama.

In this “My Heart Is Beating,” the latest fantasy romantic serial on the channel KBS2, WooHyul, a half-human, also half-vampire, he was not able to become fully human because of a 1-day difference in 100 years, begins to continue living with InHae, a lady with really no human qualities & she discovers real warmth.

My Heart Is Beating cast role

WooHyul, a half-human plus half-vampire, would be performed by Taecyeon. WooHyul is a trendsetter/ innovator & early learner who enjoys being the very first person to attempt fresh stuff when things are first presented to the world. He’s a total weirdo who went into a cave & lived off on mugwort plus garlic for becoming a human. However, there’s a particular reason why he’s so eager to do so.

InHae, who’s a (PT) part-timer nurse in some school, but also the landlord of a (GH) guest house, will be performed by star Won JiAn. She was raised in a low-income household, worked as a part-timer in a number of jobs to make ends meet, and developed a reputation for being icy-cold. She begins to develop a warm heart plus humaneness as she finally starts to live with WooHyul.

Releasing plan

The serial will start shooting, with the aim of premiering at the end of 2023.

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