“Crash Course In Romance” Drama And Actors Paved The Way For 2nd Week’s Hottest Rankings

"Crash Course In Romance" Drama And Actors Paved The Way For 2nd Week's Hottest Rankings

“Crash Course in Romance,” a Sat-Sun series on the tvN channel, paved the way for 2nd week’s hottest rankings in a row on the GDC (Good Data Corporation) index of the most favored dramas on Jan 25. The show earned a rating of 20.8 percent, almost doubling its performance during the first week of transmission at 12.7 percent.

The agency compiles data about television dramas/shows that are either on air or will be broadcast soon from news reports, blogs, online forums, videos, also social media to calculate the ratings each and every week.

Along with dominating the index of hottest shows/dramas, named “Crash Course in Romance” plus beat the actor rankings, with protagonists Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon maintaining their positions at #1 #2, respectively.

Following are the 10 shows/dramas that received the most attention during the 3rd week of Jan:
NO 1: “Crash Course in Romance”
NO 2: “The Interest of Love”
NO 3: “Agency”
NO 4: “Payback”
NO 5: “Three Bold Siblings”
NO 6: “Missing: The Other Side 2”
NO 7: “Vengeance of the Bride”
NO 8: “The Forbidden Marriage”
NO 9: “Strangers Again”
NO 10: “Trolley”

Here are The 10 leading drama artists this week who received the most attention:
NO 1: “Jung Kyung Ho” from “Crash Course in Romance”
NO 2: “Jeon Do Yeon” from “Crash Course in Romance”
NO 3: “Lee Bo Young” from “Agency”
NO 4: “Moon Ga Young” from “The Interest of Love”
NO 5: “Yoo Yeon Seok” from “The Interest of Love”
NO 6: “Son Naeun” from “Agency”
NO 7: “Lee Sun Gyun” from “Payback”
NO 8: “Geum Sae Rok” from “The Interest of Love”
NO 9: “Park Ha Na” from “Vengeance of the Bride”
NO 10: “Noh Yoon Seo” from “Crash Course in Romance”

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