May 28, 2024
EXO's Suho Joins Forces With Han Jimin And Lee Minki For Upcoming Drama & Will Be Broadcast After King The Land Ends
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EXO’s Suho joins forces with Han Jimin and Lee Minki for upcoming drama!

Yes, the forthcoming JTBC serial “Behind Your Touch” (BYT) is helmed by Kim Seokyoon, Choi Boyoon, & Lee Namgyu, and penned by Oh Bohyeon and Kim Dahee.

About drama

The drama’s storyline revolves around a sincere individual who, by coincidence in Mujin, a peaceful farming community free of crime, developed the psychometry skill that allows him to view the past of everybody both animals plus people.

Oji, a veterinarian, & a top detective, that needs her expertise to get back to Gwangsu University located in Seoul, are the main characters in this humorous investigative action series. The ‘Cudangtang’ team, which was investigating minor life-related cases in the placid, trusting, yet unsettling villagers, is engulfed in a case of serial killings and works incredibly well together.

Actors & their roles:

Han Jimin:

Han Jimin portrays the character of Bong Yebun, a veterinarian who unintentionally developed psychometric abilities. When you touch the butt, regardless of whether it be on a human being or an animal, you’re able to glimpse the past.

She’s caught by dedicated detective Moon Jangyeol while using his skills in an affectionate but perceptive manner, and together they uncover a mystery.

Lee Minki:

Lee Minki transforms into Moon Jangyeol, a hot-tempered detective exiled from Gwangsu Institute to the (SV) small village called Mujin. He has a remarkable fixation with case investigation & the greatest levels of both “passion” and “desire.”

The unusual and eccentric Yebun materializes in front of Jangyeol & extracts his soul. When a series of murders take place in Mujin while Yebun is handling each case by twisting it, his hot-blooded investigator instincts are duly roused.


Suho, who’s a part of EXO, portrays Kim Seonwoo, a character with an angelic demeanor and personality. Seonwoo abruptly arrives in Mujin one day & begins working at a some convenience shop. Seonwoo instantly breaks Bong Yebun’s heart with a gentle grin.

Expectations are also placed on Suho’s ability to reveal Seonwoo’s mystery side, who is nice yet has trouble reading others’ minds.

Releasing date:

On August 12, this television series “Behind Your Touch” will be aired.

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