June 18, 2024
Lee Chae Min along with star Noh Jung Ui is now In Talks To feature In High-Teen netflix serial HierarchyLee Chae Min and Noh Jung Ui
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Lee Chae Min along with star Noh Jung Ui is now In talks to feature In High-Teen Netflix serial Hierarchy.

Firstly, “Noh Jung Ui along with star Lee Chae Min both will play the main lead in “Hierarchy,”- latest Netflix series,” according to SportsChosun, published the news on 8th March.

Agencies statements

Later, a person from (NJU) Noh Jung Ui’s company Namoo Actors responded to the news by revealing, “Noh Jung Ui already gotten a casting proposal from the authorities/officials of “Hierarchy.” & she’s reviewing it.”

The same statement was made by a spokesperson from Lee Chae Min‘s company namely GOLD MEDALIST, “(LCM) Lee Chae Min currently reviewing the proposal to feature in “Hierarchy.”

Plot of “Hierarchy”

An impassioned high-teen serial that is filled with love and envy, the tale that takes place at (HS) high school wherein a top .01% pupils have gathered is depicted in “Hierarchy.”

Role of Lee Chae Min

Lee Chae Min (LCM) is in discussions to portray KangHa, a pupil on scholarship at (JHS) Jooshin High School. Also, he has a naïve puppy-like personality plus he’s a flexible but still resolute character. Even though he looks bright, & has a perfect strong figure, making watchers question why he joined Jooshin High School.

Role of Noh Jung Ui

Lastly, Noh Jung Ui (NJU) is in discussion to portray JaeYi, the queen of (JHS) Jooshin High School plus the oldest child of J Group. JaeYi appears gentle, but she has a strong charm.

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