June 17, 2024
Lee Jong Suk Declines Role While Go Min Si Considers Lead in New Drama "I'm Against My Romance"
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Lee Jong Suk Declines Role in coming up drama called “I’m Against My Romance.”

Lee Jong Suk Opts Out from Lee Eung Bok’s Romance Drama

Amidst anticipation, Lee Jong Suk chooses not to join EungBok’s romantic project. Initially, he had been seriously considering role in serial back in November.

Casting Shifts and Decisions:

Moreover, in Sept, Go Min Si & Choi HyunWook were in discussions for the drama. Later, by Oct, Choi HyunWook had declined this proposal due to schedule. Furthermore, on Dec 26, STARNEWS disclosed that Lee JongSuk declinedthat offer.

Production Company’s Response:

Plus, Studio Dragon, actually the drama’s production organization, addressed the situation, stating that JongSuk’s decision stemmed from conflicting schedules with his ongoing film shoot.

Dismissing Rumors:

They also debunked rumors regarding Go MinSi’s casting, & asserting that no conclusive response actually received from her. SD emphasized ongoing discussions about broadcast schedules & the casting process, dispelling rumors of the drama’s cancellation as entirely baseless.

The Anticipated Drama I’m Against My Romance:

The serial stands as a highly anticipated serial helmed by EungBok, acclaimed for iconic series like called “Descendants of Sun,” + “Goblin”, “Mr. Sunshine,” + “Sweet Home,” & “Jirisan.” Plus, penned by KimEun, additionally, the serial digs into the intricacies of rekindling 1st loves & the blurred lines between continuing an old relationship or starting anew.

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