“Bro Marble” New Travel Variety Show Confirmed casting Lee Seung Gi, Joshua, Ji Suk Jin, Kyuhyun, Yoo Yeon Seok, Hoshi, & Lee Dong Hwi

Bro Marble

The upcoming ‘Bro Marble’ game show on channel TVING will feature an amazing cast of stars!

TVING reported

Additionally, on 14 Feb, a representative from TVING disclosed that the variety show “Bro Marble,” expected to be aired in the 1st half of this year, will feature the team on a holiday while partaking in a real-life/ actual Blue Marble game that is very identical to Monopoly.

Cast of Bro Marble

The crew will also feature Lee Seung Gi, along with Yoo Yeon Seok, plus Lee Dong Hwi, also Ji Suk Jin, as well as Kyuhyun from Super Junior, + Joshua but also Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.

Bro Marble plot

In the investing game “BroMarble” players buy cities/towns present on a board game thereafter, they’ll gather passage fees from any travellers who stay in those cities.

However, the game will continue using actual money and some of Dubai’s best-known sites.

But there is a catch: Participants will also be capable of taking advantage of travel-related activities from each of the sites they reach. And besides, landmarks don’t simply refer to opulent, contemporary locations; they may also refer to experiencing a desolate island or a deserted island.

So, the show will create curiosity wherein Bro, after conquering several challenges, will finally win everything, including money plus friendship.

Releasing date

“Bro Marble” may start shooting in Dubai & premiere on TVING during the 1st part of 2023.

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