June 17, 2024
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu in Italy: A Delightful English Bargaining Session Steals the Show on NANA Tour
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Mingyu’s Amusing/ Delightful English Bargaining Session

A delightful snippet featuring Mingyu SVT engaging in a light-hearted negotiation with a one of the italian shopkeeper resurfaced on the internet. This particular scene, taken from the 4 ep of “NANA Tour,” showcases Mingyu, clad in elegant white pants, a casually chic white shirt, & sleek black sunglasses, humorously attempting to secure a discount a product called on a duffle bag.

Shopkeeper’s Polite Rejection

Despite Mingyu’s best efforts, the store owner graciously declined to offer any price reduction. This led fans to speculate humorously online that Mingyu’s affluent appearance while haggling over a modestly priced bag might have influenced the shopkeeper’s decision. Fans flocked to Twitter, sharing their light-hearted observations about Mingyu’s unsuccessful bargain attempt, with comments like “you’re a wonderful boy but no.”

Anticipation for SEVENTEEN’s NANA Tour

The NANA Tour by SVT has been generating buzz since its information on Weverse. This tour yes, around Italy, & which is set to air, promises to be a captivating television program showcasing the collab between SVT & NA PD.

Fan Reactions to Mingyu’s Bargaining Skills

So, the ep in question features the group’s second unique excursion to Tuscany, country Italy. The tour aims to provide the SVT an opportunity to earn some extra money. The itinerary included smaller locations called Pisa for a brief earning spree & San Gimignano, plus, where they partook in a fun ice cream contest.

Gastronomic Delights and Language Adventures

The SVT had the pleasure of tasting the world’s best gelato, a winner in a prestigious competition. Following this, they partook cooking class, plus, learning art of yes, pasta making. In this ep, Mingyu’s attempt to buy a bag while conversing in English was a focal point. Despite his English being less than fluent, fans admired his improvement in the language.

CARATs’ Amused Reactions

CARATs, as the fans are known, experienced a roller coaster of amusement as Mingyu’s attempt to get a discount on the product called duffle bag was humorously unsuccessful. The shop owner complimented Mingyu’s charming looks, to which he responded graciously, yet she remained firm in her decision not to lower the price.

A Glimpse into SEVENTEEN’s Italian Journey

NANA Tour with SVT is anticipated to highlight the group’s adorable travel experiences. This show strives to supply an intimate and enjoyable glimpse into the summer adventures of the 13-member in Italy. Beyond the engaging ep, the collab has also professed special merchandise, plus, giving supporters an additional way to immerse themselves in NANA Tour venture.

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