April 24, 2024
New Thriller Serial Featuring Park Haejin with Lim Jiyeon alongside Park Sung Woong Unveils Broadcasting Date Aug 10
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New thriller serial featuring Park Haejin with Lim Jiyeon alongside Park Sung Woong unveils broadcasting date & cast.

The debut of the forthcoming play “National Death Penalty Vote” (NDPV) starring Park Haejin, plus Lim Ji Yeon, & Park Sung Woong, finally is quickly approaching.

About drama

This serial “National Death Penalty Vote” poll poses the question, like “What’s your concept of justice?” inspired by the well-known Kakao Webcomic of the identical ireum. Although, it explores the concept of a local death penalty referendum (NDPR) to combat violent offenders/criminals those who deftly avert the reach of the law.

Plus, the protagonists of the truth-seeking drama are a character named “Gaetal,” furthermore, according to given result of the poll, he executes the death sentence & the law enforcement officials who also follow the justice proposed by Gaetal.

Actors and role:

Park HaeJin:

However, Kim MooChan, the leader of Team1 of regional investigative (RI) group near the Southern District Police Agency, will represented by Park HaeJin. Moochan the youngest guy to quickly advance to team head (TH) of a local investigation group, & he’s likely to claim any compelling cases as his own.

Park Sung Woong:

Sung Woong officially act as SukJoo, an extended-term prisoner who handed himself in right after murdering of a man who had sexually molested his only 8 years old kid/ daughter.

Formerly the most well-known lawyer in Korea, he’s still revered as a mentor and addressed as a “professor” inside the jail.

Lim Jiyeon:

Joo Hyun, a 5th-year lieutenant located at the Seoul Metropolis Agency’s Cyber (SB) Security Bureau, represented by Lim Jiyeon. Joohyun was previously the Cyber Investigation Group’s ace following being particularly hired, however, now everybody knows that she is an annoyance who is constantly on the hot seat.

Releasing date:

The very 1st episode of this play finally will be available on August 10 & will now air on Thursdays at 9PM.

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