May 28, 2024
escape of 7
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The coming thriller drama namely “Escape of 7” on the SBS channel from the makers of series named “The Penthouse” most watched serial has already been given the green light for season 2!

Additionally, “7 Escape is presently preparing Part 2,” a spokesperson of SBS verified on 24 Feb.

About drama “Escape of 7”

7 people/ persons who were embroiled in the abduction of a girl & caught up in a complex web of deceit plus ambition are the central topic of the tale/ story called “Escape of 7″ or also called “7 Escape.”

Plus the serial marks screenwriter name Kim Soon Ok & director name Joo Dong Min’s 3rd collaboration after their work on the renowned serials namely “The Last Empress” & “The Penthouse.”

Cast of “Escape of 7”

Although, Uhm Ki Joon, plus Hwang Jung Eum, + Lee Joon, + Lee Yoo Bi, + Shin Eun Kyung, along with Yoon Jong Hoon, + Jo Yoon Hee, plus Jo Jae Yoon, also Lee Deok Hwa, & other actors could be featured in the cast.

Season 1 releasing

Lastly, the 1st season/ part of series name “7 Escape” is expected to be premiered later this year around September 2023.

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