May 28, 2024
Son Sukku Rejects Hong Sisters Drama Proposal & Son Suk Ku Alongside Kim Da Mi Now In Discussion For New Serial "Nine Puzzle"
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Son Sukku Rejects Hong Sisters Drama Proposal & Son Suk Ku Alongside Kim Da Mi Now In Discussion For New Serial “Nine Puzzle”

Sukku has eventually chosen not to take the part in latest serial from the (HS) Hong Sisters, although he’s presently discussing a different proposal to featured in a serial from the (NS) “Narco-Saints” serial director.

Moreover, Son Suk Ku alongside Kim Da Mi both were apparently chosen to portray the protagonists in the forthcoming series “Nine Puzzle” following on 26th May.

Son Suk Ku & Kim Da Mi agency statement

The present state of Son Sukku’s second possible play by the (HS) Hong Sisters (full ireum: Hong Jungeun & Hong Miran) was also addressed by (SSK) Son Suk Ku’s management company, SBD Ent. The agency declared, “Unluckily, he made the decision not to make an appearance after a prolonged debate.”

Furthermore, according to a comment made by Son Suk Ku’s management company, SBD Ent, “Son Suk Ku (SSK) has been assigned the character of Saem & is favorably evaluating the proposal.”

In the same way, Kim Da Mi’s management company, United Artists Agency, revealed that she got the “Nine Puzzle” screenplay & is now evaluating the proposal.

About “Nine Puzzle”

However, “Nine Puzzle” continues the tale/ narrative of Yina, the sole eyewitness & suspect/ accused in a previous murder investigation who subsequently became a professional profiler, however, as she explores the concealed details of the tragic evening with a police investigator called HanSaem a man who accuses her of being the killer.

Saem’s role is originally suggested for Son Sukku, whereas Yina’s part is being discussed for Kim Dami.

Drama director

Lastly, “Nine Puzzle” (NP) director Jong Bin’s 2nd serial, following the success of his Netflix smash “Narco-Saint” serial. Furthermore, he additionally directed other films, notably “Nameless Gangster,” plus “Kundo,” & “Spy Gone North.

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