June 18, 2024
Ji Changwook and Shin Hyesun's New Show 'Welcome to Samdalri' Achieves Remarkable 5% Viewership in Premiere Episode
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‘Welcome to Samdalri’ Achieves Remarkable Viewership

Premiere of “Welcome to Samdal-ri”

JTBC’s new weekend series, “Welcome to Samdalri,” featuring Ji Changwook and Shin Hyesun, premiered on Dec 2nd. The show opened strong, capturing a 5.2% nationwide viewership & 5.3% in Seoul, marking a promising start.

Comparative Ratings Across Networks

Simultaneously, MBC’s “Park’s Marriage Contract” aired, drawing a 6.4% viewership. Meanwhile, SBS’s “My Demon” averaged a 4.0% rating. However, in this competitive landscape, “Welcome to Samdalri,” a healing romantic comedy, outperformed “My Demon” in its debut.

Actors’ Rating Predictions and Promises

During the December 1st press conference for “Welcome to Samdalri,” Ji Changwook expressed his hopes for the show, aiming for a warm reception with a 5% viewership. Shin Hyesun mirrored this sentiment, hoping for a 5% debut rating, and jokingly promised to make eye contact with 200 individuals at Jeju Airport’s duty-free store if ratings hit 20%.

The Drama Landscape

Following the conclusion of “My Dearest,” + “Park’s Marriage Contract” rose as the highest-rated weekend drama. “Welcome to Samdalri” introduces a shift from the prevalent fantasy romance narratives, like those in “Park’s Marriage Contract” & “My Demon,” offering a relatable family romcom that promises healing and comfort.

First Episode Synopsis and Future Expectations

The first ep introduces Jo Samdal, a photographer who returns to her hometown after a scandal involving her cheating boyfriend and an assistant. The assistant falsely accuses Samdal of power abuse, sparking media controversy. With its unique genre, there is anticipation around whether “Welcome to Samdalri” will see a rise in viewership in its subsequent episodes. 

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