July 12, 2024
King The Land (Yoona and Lee junho)
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Lee Junho from 2 PM and YoonA from GG (Girl’s Generation) as Hoteliers in the Korean JTBC channel’s Upcoming rom-com series named “King The Land”.

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Junho’s character as Gu Won, he’s a chaebol heir/successor of King Group, male protagonist of the rom-com drama named “King the Land.” He detests artificial smiles. Won is elegant, charming, intellectual, and devoid of any memory of his mom.

He goes back to his King Hotel so that he can retrieve his lost memories of his mom. There, He encounters Sa Rang FL protagonist (YoonA), the worker who constantly has a cheery smile despite she’s not even liking it because of the type of her job also she is quite the polar of him also always in conflict with Sa Rang. Finally, the two of them set out to discover wonderful moments when they really smile brightly. The term “King the Land” alludes to a VVVIP business lounge, according to the writer that area is a hotelier’s dreamland.

King The Land ( Yoona & Lee junho)

YoonA’s character named Sa Rang represents as the “Smiley Queen” of his hotel. Sa Rang moved from her current position to the reception desk of the lobby hotel, the paradise of hoteliers, with her gorgeous smile and impeccable customer service. Sa Rang wishes to be a hotelier where she brings happiness, but when Gu Won shows up, conflict begins to develop.

At exactly 10:30PM according to KST on coming 17th of June 2023, the 1st episode of the most awaited serial “King the Land” broadcast on TV.

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