April 24, 2024
From Stray Kids to TXT: The 15 Fourth-Gen K-Pop Giants Winning Hearts on YouTube
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Prepare to embark on an electrifying journey through the vibrant universe of fourth-generation K-Pop, where talent, rhythm, and digital dominance collide. These groups are not just musical acts; they’re global phenomena, reshaping the landscape of pop culture one YouTube like at a time. As we delve into the heart of this dynamic era, the top three will leave you utterly astounded.

The Digital Titans of 15 Fourth-Gen K-Pop

15. The Vanguard of Melody: NMIXX

Amassing an impressive 767.2 million views across their musical videos, NMIXX boasts 15.3 million cumulative likes. Their chart-topping video, “O.O,” garners 1.99 million endorsements, showcasing their undeniable appeal.

14. The Visionaries: IZ*ONE

Garnering 985.7 million views, IZ*ONE secures 15.4 million likes in total. “La Vie en Rose” stands out as their most celebrated video, with 2.07 million likes, illustrating their artistic prowess.

13. The Global Sensation: WayV

With 398.0 million views, WayV has achieved 16.3 million likes, a testament to their global influence. “Love Talk” emerges as their most acclaimed video, receiving 2.09 million likes, highlighting their universal appeal.

12. IVE: Pioneers of the New K-Pop Era

Boasting 1.48 billion views across their music videos, IVE has also accumulated 20.9 million total likes. Their most applauded video, “After LIKE,” shines with 2.84 million likes, showcasing their broad appeal and innovative sound.

11. EVERGLOW: Lighting Up the Scene

EVERGLOW, with a staggering 1.12 billion views on their music videos, has garnered 21.1 million total likes. Their hit single “DUN DUN” leads the charge with 4.24 million likes, cementing their place in K-Pop history.

10. LE SSERAFIM: Defining Musical Resilience

LE SSERAFIM has captured audiences worldwide, amassing 1.22 billion views and 22.3 million likes. “ANTIFRAGILE,” their most celebrated video, boasts 3.12 million likes, symbolizing their unyielding spirit.

9 . TREASURE: The Jewel of K-Pop

With 1.17 billion views and an impressive 30.9 million likes across their videos, TREASURE’s “BOY” stands out with 2.94 million likes. They exemplify the dynamic evolution of K-Pop’s fourth generation.

8. NewJeans: Redefining Pop Culture

NewJeans has quickly risen to fame with 1.65 billion views and 31.6 million likes. Their hit “Super Shy” has attracted 2.42 million likes, marking a new chapter in the genre’s history.

7. Aespa’s Digital Dominance

Aespa, a revolutionary name in the K-pop industry, boasts an impressive 1.88 billion accumulations of views across their entire catalog of music videos. Furthermore, this group has amassed a staggering 35.7 million aggregate likes. Their chart-topping hit, “Black Mamba,” leads with 4.25 million endorsements, marking it as their most celebrated video.

6. ATEEZ’s Rising Fame

ATEEZ, another powerhouse within the K-pop realm, commands attention with 1.60 billion views spanning all their music visuals. This talented ensemble also enjoys 39.6 million likes in total, showcasing their widespread appeal. “Wonderland,” their flagship music video, shines brightest with 2.16 million likes, a testament to their growing fanbase.

5. (G)I-DLE’s Unmatched Influence

(G)I-DLE stands out with an unparalleled 3.01 billion views for their music video portfolio, coupled with an impressive 51.6 million likes overall. “TOMBOY,” their most acclaimed music video, has garnered 3.71 million likes, showcasing their dominant presence in the industry.

4. ENHYPEN’s Meteoric Rise

ENHYPEN, the new stars on the horizon, have rapidly gained popularity with 1.26 billion views and 51.9 million likes across their music video collection. Their standout track, “Drunk-Dazed,” has achieved 4.17 million likes, highlighting their burgeoning success.

3. ITZY’s Global Appeal

ITZY, with a staggering 3.69 billion views on their music videos, leads with 75.8 million likes, a figure that speaks volumes about their international acclaim. “WANNABE,” their most popular video, has attracted 6.59 million likes, underscoring their global popularity.

2. TXT’s Record-Breaking Hits

TXT, with 2.12 billion views and 89.3 million likes on their music videos, showcases their significant impact. Their hit “Crown” stands out with 5.74 million likes, cementing their place in the music world.

1. Stray Kids’ Unprecedented Success

Stray Kids, the trailblazers of K-pop, have achieved a monumental 5.16 billion views and 156.4 million likes, setting a new benchmark. “God’s Menu,” with 7.62 million likes, remains their most liked music video, symbolizing their unparalleled popularity.

Expanding the Horizon: More Than Just Numbers

These statistics are not mere numbers; they represent the global footprint of fourth-generation K-Pop groups. Their innovative sounds, visually striking videos, and engaging performances have not only earned them a spot in the hearts of millions worldwide but have also cemented their position as formidable forces in the global music industry.

The Future of K-Pop: A Continuous Evolution

As the K-Pop phenomenon continues to evolve, these groups are at the forefront of shaping its future. Their ability to connect with fans across diverse cultures and languages through the universal language of music is a powerful testament to their enduring appeal and the ever-growing influence of K-Pop around the world.

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