April 24, 2024
Who's at the Top? January Boy Group Members Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed
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Boy group members their brand reputation rankings were revealed on January 2023 by the KBR Institute!

So, the data were calculated by analysing the communication, coverage, consumer involvement, communication, and public awareness ratings of a total of 703 boy band members.

Jungkook, a BTS member, came third with a brand repute of 4804755.

Eun Woo from ASTRO group, came 2nd with a brand repute of 5643772.

On the top is Park Jimin of the BTS group, with a brand repute of 5713172.

See the below list to review the top 20 members.

  • Park Jimin from BTS
  • EunWoo from ASTRO
  • Jungkook from BTS
  • Kang Daniel from WannaOne
  • Ji Hoon from Wanna One
  • Minhyun from NU’EST & Wanna One
  • Kim Nam-Joon (BTS)
  • Taehyung (BTS)
  • G-Dragon from BIGBANG
  • Yoon-gi from BTS
  • Sungmin from SuperJunior
  • Jhope from BTS
  • Song Mino from WINNER
  • Baekhyun from EXO
  • Siwon from Super Junior
  • Mark from NCT
  • Key from SHINee
  • Haechan from NCT
  • Kyuhyun from Super Junior
  • Heechul from Super Junior

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