June 18, 2024
Hold Your Breath: Inside Reports Reveal BTS Remaining Members Enlistment Plans!
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Inside reports reveal BTS remaining members enlistment plans!

Based on news, the other 5 BTS members now are expected to join the military by year’s end.

BTS 10th- anniversary

Moreover, BTS hosted the BTS 10th (AF) Anniversary Festa in (YHP) Yeouido Hangang Park, (YGS) Yeongdeungpogu, Seoul, back on the seventeenth of June to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

There were many exhibits and interactive programs at the festival, featuring history wall plus display of stage costumes plus memorial sculptures & picture booths where fans could relive favourite BTS moments.

RM performance & theme

Furthermore, the special session with RM, during which he interacted with supporters & performed his solo songs called “Persona” & “Wild Flower,” served as the standout of the occasion on this particular day.

However, the theme of (BTS10A) BTS’ 10th-anniversary event was “Together.” The cooperation of the 7 BTS members & ARMYs made it possible & celebrate & mark the accomplishments of the last ten years.

Enlistment plans

Additionally, “the 5 remaining members, involving the youngest ones like V & Jungkook, are expected to enlist officially in 2023 end,” stated by authorities.

So, right after fulfilling their commitments, especially SUGA’s global tour & Jungkook’s solo projects this year, the other teammates will progressively enlist. As committed to their supporters, the members are making preparations to reunite as a whole group as quickly as possible.

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