June 18, 2024
Get Ready for ITZY January Album Release & World Tour Kicks Off in February
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So, everyone are you ready for Itzy january album release also World Tour that will be kicks off in February next year 2024.

ITZY’s Upcoming Album & Tour Plans Revealed:

ITZY is officially gearing up for an exciting start to 2024 with the dropping of their forthcoming new album called “BORN TO BE” yes, on Jan 8, 2024. Plus they’ll embark on their forthcoming 2nd world tour, yes, in Seoul on Feb 24-25. However, the news was made public by JYP Ent on Dec 4, via a captivating announcement clip, detailed scheduler images, & a tracklist shared on ITZY’s official social media platforms.

“BORN TO BE” Announcement Video Details:

The promotional video for BTB “BORN TO BE” teases an invigorating sound, with visuals of tiny sparks merging into a formidable flame, symbolizing the album’s powerful theme. ITZY’s comeback, described as a “fire-flavored” event, is scheduled for 6:00 PM KST on January 8, 2024. This announcement has stirred up considerable anticipation among K-pop enthusiasts globally.

Groundbreaking Promotional Activities:

In preparation for ITZY forthcoming 2024 activities, ITZY has planned an extensive promotional campaign. This includes individual trailers for every single member, the introduction of solo tracks, & a tracklist that promises an innovative musical experience. The promotion will kick off coming on Dec 11 alongside concept photos & BTB clips, additionally, followed by trailers for Yeji, + Ryujin, Chaeryeong, & Yuna from Dec 12 to 15. Plus the MV is officially set for launching on Dec 18. Moreover, the group will also launch solos mv’s from Dec 20-27.

“UNTOUCHABLE” Teasers and Release Schedule:

Furthermore, the eagerly awaited title track called “UNTOUCHABLE” will be introduced with photos on Jan 3, trailers on Jan 4 & 5, & a special countdown live event with supporters at 5PM KST on Jan 8. Lastly, the complete album & the MV for the single “UNTOUCHABLE” were officially released simultaneously at 6PM KST.

ITZY’s Second World Tour Announcement:

Furthermore, ITZY has publicized its 2nd global tour. So, this trip will officially start with yes, 2 solo concerts held in Seoul on Feb 24 & 25. Plus, their 1st global tour, called “CHECKMATE”, in 2022, back then was a major success, covering several cities internationally, in the US & Asia, plus, sold-out shows.

Anticipation for ITZY’s “BORN TO BE” and World Tour:

Lastly, ITZY is all set to captivate supporters with their forthcoming album BTB “BORN TO BE” & its track “UNTOUCHABLE”, officially scheduled for launch on Jan 8, 2024, at 6PM KST. Moreover, their coming global tour further heightens the excitement for this dynamic group’s 2024 plans.

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