June 18, 2024
Jungkook And Mingyu Steal The Show In Highly Anticipated SUPER Challenge Collaboration
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Jungkook and Mingyu steal the show in highly anticipated SUPER challenge collaboration

Jungkook from BTS & Mingyu from SEVENTEEN has one of the most recognizable friendships in Korean pop music.

JK on live

During the latest weverse live, JK was showing some moves & dancing to the SVT song “SUPER” & showing his full support for SVT.

JK disclosed that SVT’s Jun taught him super dance, also, JK disclosed that Mingyu had requested him to record the dance challenge; however, hadn’t been in touch with him.

Super challenge clip

Following on the ninth of June SVT uploaded a video featuring Mingyu & Jungkook together.

Mingyu & Jungkook on Weverse

Kim Mingyu after the clip uploaded revealed on Weverse that he wasn’t reunited with Jeon Jungkook merely to complete the challenge; however, that just happened. Additionally, he mentioned that although he had slippers on, they weren’t visible in the clip due to “I would not dare wearing (slippers) it while recording with sunbaenim.”

In addition, Jungkook discussed his own thoughts about how much joy/fun it was to shoot the super challenge, & BTS’s newest song, “Take Two.”

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