May 28, 2024
K-Pop Sensations EXO to Drop Highly Anticipated 7th Album on 10 July
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K-Pop sensations EXO to drop highly anticipated 7th album on 10 July!

Get Ready, EXO Fans: In the coming July, group EXO is going to make a comeback.

SM Ent statement

So, SM Ent informed Newsen on the following 9th June stated: “EXO’s seventh full album finally will be dropping on coming 10th July.” They additionally told; “Despite our best efforts, With our best efforts, the album’s promotion is going to proceed as scheduled, & a complete itinerary will be made available soon.”

EXO comeback

Approximately three years & eight months have passed since the unveiling of EXO’s sixth album, called “OBSESSION,” back in Nov 2019. Additionally, after their special album, namely “DON’T FIGHT THE FELING” in 2021, EXO now will make a comeback with their forthcoming full album, marking the band’s 1st comeback in around 2 years.

Despite Kai’s unexpected military enlistment prohibiting him from taking part in any activities, also it is anticipated that the Kai voice will be in it. 

SM Ent & EXO members dispute

Due to disputes among EXO members namely Baekhyun, Xiumin, plus Chen & their management company called SM Ent, that’s why this comeback is getting greater attention.

Although the 2 parties both have different points of view on the time frame of their exclusive contract & the terms of the settlement, but they agree that EXO’s activities should not be hindered.

Program & MV

In actuality, the filming of the upcoming reality program plus the song’s music video went according to plan. The emphasis & interest during this time is on what type of music EXO will show, and who’s making a comeback after 3 years.

Are you excited for EXO return!

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