July 12, 2024
From Glowsticks to Love Notes: Ultimate ARMY New Tactics In Concert to Catch Jungkook’s Eye
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Picture this: a sea of fans, a blaze of lights, and amidst it all, one ARMY’s unique effort to catch Jungkook’s attention at a BTS concert turns heads and sparks conversations worldwide.

At the heart of the PERMISSION TO DANCE – LA concerts, amidst the ocean of lightsticks and BTS cosplays, one ARMY took the game of grabbing attention to a whole new level. The strategy? A banner not just for Jungkook, but for his beloved dog, Bam, that read, “Bam’s dad, I love u.”

A Sign That Became A Sensation

The creative sign was not just a personal message but a spectacle that caught not only Jungkook’s eye but also the vast arena’s and the world’s through social media. It’s a testament to how fans are elevating their support and love for BTS by personalizing their messages in the most unique ways.

An Inspiration for ARMY Worldwide

Following the viral success of the “Bam needs a mom?” sign, ARMYs everywhere are now brainstorming and crafting their messages to share at future concerts. This trend of personalized, creative signs is setting a new standard for fan engagement at live events.

The Impact Beyond the Concert

The phenomenon of this particular sign did more than just make waves at the concert; it sparked discussions on the creativity and dedication of BTS’s fandom. It’s a clear sign (pun intended) of the evolving ways fans express their support and connect with their idols.

A Trendsetter in Fan Culture

The story of the sign is now a part of BTS and ARMY folklore, inspiring fans to think outside the box when showing their love and support. It’s a narrative that underscores the unique relationship between BTS and their ARMY, showcasing a blend of humor, creativity, and mutual affection that sets this fandom apart.


In a world where fan culture is constantly evolving, the ARMY’s innovative efforts to connect with BTS, particularly Jungkook, exemplify the depth of their dedication and the lengths to which they will go to express their admiration. This story of a single sign highlights the creativity, unity, and boundless love that defines the ARMY community.

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