April 24, 2024
Get Ready To Be Blown Away By BTS's V Highly-Anticipated Solo Music In Collab With Min Hee Jin
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V highly-anticipated solo music in collab with Min Hee Jin!

Together with Min Heejin, CEO of ADOR, Taehyung will officially drop solo songs.

However, on Aug 2, SPOTV Media claimed that V & Min Heejin, who’s head of building NewJeans, are getting ready for the official debut of solo music/album.

BIGHIT Response

Furthermore, as reported by BIGHIT MUSIC, taehyung has joined forces with producer Min Heejin. Min Heejin will oversee all aspects of the project’s production, comprising the music, + choreography, design, & marketing.

Kim Taehyung remarks:

V said, “I’m very nervous plus I’m happy.” When questioned about how he was feeling about launching a solo album.

Plus V added, “Album captures my preference. Spectacles will be widely available. I create with the idea that ARMY will pleased. I believe you’ll get to witness a new aspect of solo (me) artist V + that’s distinct from BTS’s V.

V’s solo songs:

Lastly, the smashing solo songs “Stigma,” + “Singularity,” “Inner Child,” + “4 OCLOCK,” + “Scenery,” “Winter Bear,” + “Blue & Grey,” + “Snow Flower,” & more were all launched by V.

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