May 28, 2024
Taecyeon joins US renowned talent agency WMETaecyeon joins US renowned talent agency WME
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2PM member & renowned star Taecyeon joins US renowned talent agency WME.

So, on 27th Feb, Taecyeon’s agency known as 51K publicly disclosed that Taecyeon finally officially signed a contract & joined the US (TA) talent agencies namely WME formally called (William Morris Endeavor), represents a number of renowned directors & actors, for example, Quentin Tarantino, + Ridley Scott, + Matthew McConaughey, also Tom Holland, + Michael B. Jordan, plus directors namely Park Chan Wook, also Bong Joon Ho, last but not the least Bae Doona.

51K agency statement

Further, the 51K agency remarked, “We’re pleased that Taecyeon, extending his acting career through a number of projects, namely “Vincenzo,” “Hansan,” “Blind,” & much more, has inked an official contract/ agreement with WME agency exist in US.”

Ok Taecyeon statement

So, after that Taecyeon remarked, “I’m excited & pleased to accept a new challenge.” He continued. “I spoke with the (LA) local agency frequently. I believe it’s a good chance to learn new things, even though taking/ working on an other new task in an unfamiliar setting won’t be simple.” He additionally stated, “I’ll work really hard to present a different side of myself plus new/unique charms of Taecyeon (himself) on a bigger platform.”

Coming drama “My Heart Is Beating”

Finally, he’s currently preparing to appear alongside Won JiAn (WJA) in the coming vampire serial namely My Heart Is Beating” on KBS2.

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