June 18, 2024
KBS's Ranking Revealed: 5 Celebrity Duos About to Say I Do
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Explore which 5 Celebrity Duos About to Say I Do!

KBS Spotlights Longest-Standing Celebrity Couples for Future Marriages

In the world of entertainment, the longevity of relationships often captures attention, especially when it comes to celeb couples. Channel KBS, during its (YR) Year-Round Plus TV special, spotlighted a select group of 5 enduring pairs within the industry. These couples, recognized for their sustained commitment, became the focus of predictions regarding potential marriages not just in 2023 but beyond.

1. Sooyoung And Jung Kyung Ho

Among these pairs, GG’s Sooyoung & actor Jung Kyungho have held onto their relationship for the longest duration. Their bond, which originated in 2013, stands as a testament to enduring love and mutual support. Sooyoung, akin to Lee Sun Bin, is known for her openness about their relationship, willing to share any forthcoming wedding news.

2. Shin Min Ah And Kim Woo Bin

Similarly, the relationship between Shin Minah & Kim Woo Bin, established in 2015, has garnered significant attention. Notably, they have been seen attending diverse public occasions together, showcasing a harmonious and enduring partnership.

3. Lee Jung Jae And Im Se Ryung

Squid Game celeb Lee Jung Jae & Im Seryung, a heiress known for her family’s affluent background, have been dating yes, since 2014. Their union reflects a blend of both the entertainment and high-profile circles.

4. Jung Ho Yeon And Lee Dong Hwi

Jung Ho Yeon, renowned for her part in Squid Game, & Lee Dong Hwi, associated with Big Bet, have shared their lives since 2015. Their recent public appearances together have only further solidified the perception of their thriving bond.

5. Lee Kwang Soo And Lee Sun Bin

Entertainer Lee Kwangsoo & actress Lee Sunbin, known for their parts in various productions, commenced their romantic journey in 2018. Their confirmation of an enduring and loving relationship hints at potential plans for a shared future, including marriage.

The examination of these enduring relationships by KBS has sparked discussions and speculations within the entertainment industry. Fans and observers eagerly anticipate any future announcements or developments in the lives of these couples, with hopes of witnessing their love stories continue to flourish.

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