July 12, 2024
Friendship Chronicles: Park Seojoon Spotted with V's Mute Boston Bag in Gyeongseong Creature Behind the Scene Vlog Engage Fans' Adoration
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Explore where & how Park Seojoon Spotted with V’s Mute Boston Bag!

On Jan 9, Seojoon’s YouTube channel, called Record Park, divulged behind-the-scenes clips/ vlog from the blockbuster play Gyeongseong Creature, revealing him bringing BTS’ Kim Taehyung’s personally crafted Mute Boston Bag.

Gyeongseong Creature’s Release and Plot

Pus, Netflix dropped the remaining EP of Gyeongseong on Jan 5, starring Park Seojoon & Han Sohee. The play delves into a colonized Korea where inhumane experiments serve humanity’s greed, prompting only selective rescues.

Fans’ Excitement and Social Media Buzz

Eager fans spotted Park Seojoon with Kim Taehyung’s custom Boston Bag, igniting social media accolades for their friendship.

Park SeoJoon and Kim Taehyung’s Boston Bag

In Dec 2021, BigHit Entertainment declared BTS members’ invention of self-designed commodities/ merchandise. V showcased his favored Mute Boston Bag, sought-after item during the agency’s merchandise launch.

BTS Merchandise Sales and Social Media Platform

4 rounds of early bookings for BTS’s self-designed commodities concluded, accessible exclusively on the SK platform, Weverse.

Wooga Squad Friendship and Fans’ Wishes

Supporters cherished the camaraderie between Wooga Squad & Taehyung, expressing desires for future reunions after Tae’s military service.

Gyeongseong Creature Renewal

Netflix verified Gyeongseong Creature’s 2nd part renewal on Jan 8, withholding a launch date.

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