July 12, 2024
Ahn Eun-jin's Style Mishap: Mulberry Bra Mishap on 100 Million Won Dress Steals the Show
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Ahn Eun-jin’s style mishap Mulberry Bra mishap on 100 Million Won dress steals the show. Opting for traditional elegance over wardrobe woes.

Ahn Eun-jin’s Fashion Fiasco

Renowned for her emotive performance in the sequeal ‘Yeonin (My Dearest),’ Ahn Eunjin found herself in an unexpected fashion debacle.

A Glamorous Affair Turns Awry

Attending the 44th (BD) Blue Dragon Awards (A) on 24th Nov, Eunjin initially commanded the red carpet’s attention before the ceremony.

Ambition Meets Catastrophe

However, Ahn Eunjin’s ambitious sartorial choice led to a calamity—a mulberry bra boldly peeked through her dress. This attire was hailed from the upscale brand Ligré Venau, valued at a staggering 100 million won. Plus, the ensemble, adorned with intricate beadwork, naturally enhanced the chest area with its draped embellishments.

An Unfortunate Capture

Regrettably, cameras caught the exposed mulberry bra, tarnishing the elegance of 100M won ensemble.

A Departure from Convention

In a departure from her recent portrayal solely in hanbok in the MBC play My Dearest,’ Ahn Eunjin aimed for a distinct image at this award. Eunjin known for her casual style, pivoted 180 degrees for the event. Typically, stars shine with their chosen attire at such ceremonies, and daring dress selections, particularly among actresses, often garner significant attention.

The Perils of Fashion Choices

However, not every fashion choice proves impeccable. Excessive ambition can easily catapult one into the realm of the worst-dressed. On this occasion, it wasn’t the dress but the protruding mulberry bra that categorized Ahn Eun-jin’s ensemble.

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