June 18, 2024
Discover BTS V Candid Revelation as Yoo Seungho Fan
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BTS’s V & actor Yoo Seungho recently crossed paths on the renowned play ‘Running Man.’

Encounter on Running Man:

SBS’s authorized channel dropped a video titled ‘Yoo Seungho X V Running Man Special Encounter Behind Interview’ on Nov 30th, showcasing their intriguing interaction.

Anticipation and Teasing:

During a prior episode of ‘Running Man’, HaHa hinted about V’s slated appearance, & Yoo Seungho eagerly expressed interest in uniting the show, teasing that he might find V more daunting than HaHa himself. Their anticipated encounter finally took place on Nov 20th during recording. 

V Candid Revelation as Yoo Seungho Fan:

In a candid interview, V inquired about Yoo Seungho’s feelings regarding their joint appearance, to which the actor expressed genuine excitement. V reciprocated by revealing, “I’m a huge fan of yours.”

Light-hearted Banter:

The conversation took a light turn when Yoo Seungho quizzed V about his top ‘Running Man’ fellow, expecting HaHa as the answer, but V playfully selected Yang Sechan. Likewise, Yoo Seungho’s favored fellow turned out to be HaHa.

Amidst their friendly banter, Yoo Seungho questioned V’s confidence in the show’s race challenges, & V modestly pledged to give his best. 

Bonding Over BTS and Advice:

Their camaraderie extended beyond the show as Yoo Seungho, a friend of BTS’s Jin, shared his penchant for BTS songs, courtesy of Jin, although he hadn’t caught V’s latest solo track but promised to do so soon. In a heartwarming exchange, Yoo Seungho sought advice on variety shows from V, who humbly shared his limited expertise. 

Admiration and Mutual Respect:

V also confessed his longtime admiration for Yoo Seungho, tracing back to the actor’s early TV appearances. Both V & Yoo Seungho graciously expressed mutual admiration for one another, solidifying a budding camaraderie.

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