May 28, 2024
ASTRO’s Moonbin Sadly Found Dead Today At Home
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Update of 20th April:

As earlier reported by the police/ authorities, Fantagio has verified the passing of deceased ASTRO’s Moonbin.

Later, on 20th April, Fantagio Moon management agency delivered the following announcement:

ASTRO’s Moonbin Sadly Found Dead Today At Home At The Age of 25

Update on 19th April:

WARNING: Mention of possible suicide

ASTRO’s Moonbin sadly found dead today at home.

Sadly, Police disclosed that ASTRO group teammate namely, Moonbin, who was only 25 years, today has died.

ASTRO’s Moonbin passes away

As per to the (SG) Seoul Gangnam a Korean Police Station, famous idol namely, Moon’s manager today found Moon dead sadly at his own apartment exist in the (gg) Gangnam neighborhood of the city Seoul following today on 19th April approx. at around 8:10PM KST. He then quickly phoned the police.

“It seems like Moonbin committed suicide,” the police disclosed, concluding, “We are right now talking about the possibility of postmortem to figure out the exact reason for his death.”

Plus, ASTRO group teammates Moon&Sanha, was slated to perform/ play in the forthcoming Dream Concert (DC) prior to Moon death.

We all offer Moon’s family & close companions our sincere condolences in this heartbreaking & difficult time.


Disclaimer: For immediate assistance, contact a local doctor, mental health professional, or NGO if you happen to know somebody who is experiencing suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc., or other significant mental diseases.

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