May 28, 2024
Lim JiYeon and Lee Do Hyun
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Lim JiYeon and Lee Do Hyun serial “The glory” actors finally, now made their dating public.

Yes, the relationship between Lim JiYeon and Lee Do Hyun has been made public.

Co-stars dating rumor by Dispatch

“Both the 2 most hit serial across the world, namely, ‘The Glory’ famous villain and hero stars claimed to start to date shortly after encountering on the filming location of their renowned series,” as reported by Dispatch on the first of April. Furthermore, “Both of them reportedly started to feel attracted to each other following a cast/group outing last summer.”

Lim JiYeon agency statements

“Lim JiYeon and Lee Do Hyun have progressed from being close coworkers to the phase where they are carefully starting to know/understand each other more fully with good feelings,” as stated by Lim JiYeon’s agency namely, Artist Company, which disclosed the couple’s relationship on the 1st of April.

The company further stated, “We would thankful for it if you looked favourably upon their relationship.”

Lee Do Hyun agency statement

In the meantime, Yuehua Entertainment, the management company of Lee Do Hyun, issued a similar affirmation, declaring, “After sharing a short period as close coworkers, both of them have grown an interest towards each other, & currently they’re carefully starting to know & understand one another.”

About Lim JiYeon and Lee Do Hyun

Lim JiYeon, she began her acting début in the year 2011 film called, “Disaster Movie,” shot to fame in “The Glory” serial by representing Park YeonJin, an offender of extreme bullying in schools.

Lee DoHyun co-starred with Lim JiYeon within the same serial as Joo YeoJeong, a board-certified plastic surgeon YeoJeong assists Moon DongEun (Song Hye Kyo), she’s a victim of that extreme school abuse.

In addition to Ahn EunJin alongside Ra MiRan, Lee Do Hyun is set to star in the forthcoming melodrama “Good Bad Mother.”

Best wishes to the new couple in town!”

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