July 12, 2024
Celebrate Birthday Of Lee Min Ho With These 7 Must-See K-Dramas!
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Celebrate Birthday Of Lee Min Ho With These 7 Must-See K-Dramas!

The genuine face of the (HW) Hallyu Wave, and whose name alone can stir up strong feelings in admirers who are united across time zones & geographic boundaries by their love for a performer who’s best characterized as a sense of emotion. Also, the appealing looks & screen persona of the multi-talented and hyphenated Lee Minho are frequently brought up in the same phrase. Following on June 22, 2023, this drama’s king charming will turn 36 today.

So, let’s get started to explore his must-see plays.

The King: Eternal Monarch

The 3rd K-emperor of his era is Lee Gon. He’s regarded as the ideal leader by his subordinates. His dad was assassinated when he was only 8 years. He chooses to leave his residence to attend academic conferences. In 1 of his adventures, he witnesses himself being launched into a parallel reality where he encounters Inspector TaeEul and works up with her to stop the criminals while also closing the door connecting their 2 universes.


This epic story follows a Korean immigrant clan over 4 generations while they leave their native land in an unwavering effort to live and prosper.

Boys Over Flowers:

Jandi hails from a low-income family that runs a dry cleaner. She once goes to Shinhwa School & helps a student who was attempting suicide due to bullying. Jandi enrolls in the school after being awarded a swimming scholarship.

Jandi meets the renowned F4, the well-known & powerful group of lads, at school. They are Woobin, Jihu, Yijung, and Junpyo.

Her day at school is made catastrophic when she is identified as the F4’s fresh target for bullying.

Celebrate Birthday Of Lee Min Ho With These 7 Must-See K-Dramas!

Other Lee Minho incredible plays are:

+ City Hunter

+ The Heirs

+ Legend of Blue Sea

+ Faith & More

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