April 12, 2024
SEVENTEEN's VERNON Becomes KENZO 1st Global Ambassador
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VERNON Becomes KENZO 1st Global Ambassador & Will Make His Appearance As KENZO Ambassador During Paris Fashion Week.

Vernon was born into an (FKF) French Korean family, full name/ ireum (HVC) Hansol Vernon Chwe & has dual American & South Korean (SK) nationalities, plus he’s the (MR) main rapper plus face of SVT, a group actually formed under Pledis Ent.

KENZO remarks

So, as per Kenzo, he remarked, “Vernon’s exceptional power of (VR) vocal range plus tone & visual versatility fastly enabled him to garner international praise & reputation.”

Debating the work, Artistic Director named Nigo describes: “I’m delighted & thankful to greet VERNON into our KENZO family.”

VERNON remarks

Later, when questioned to remark about uniting the KENZO clan, VERNON clarified: “I feel honored plus lucky to be (KGA) KENZO’s (GA) Global Ambassador & I’m eager to explore more the synergy this partnership & also will introduce plus looking ahead to showcasing/demonstrate a unique side of myself to my supporters around the globe.”

Seventeen comeback

(SVT) Seventeen comeback: Also, SVT is now finally gearing up for another return/ summer comeback.

About show

Lastly, VERNON will officially make his 1st appearance as a KENZO ambassador during Paris Fashion Week at KENZO (W&M) women & men’s fashion show plus that will be taking place on coming June 23rd, 2023.

KENZO program Venue:

24th of June, 2023, on coming Saturday approx. around 3AM KST.

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