June 17, 2024
End of an Era: G-Dragon Bids Farewell to YG Entertainment
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Officially, G-Dragon Bids Farewell to YG Entertainment!

G-Dragon’s Departure from YG Entertainment

YG Ent has officially ensured the departure of GDragon, ending the speculation surrounding his contract renewal. 

This announcement comes after current rumors regarding GDragon’s involvement in drug-related movements, from which he has been exonerated by the authorities.

YG Entertainment’s Farewell Statement

On BigBang’s official online medium, YG Entertainment expressed its sentiments:

“Greetings from YG Ent,

Since his emergence in 2006 as a fellow of BigBang, GDragon has been a pivotal figure in our roster. We are grateful for the years spent together.

Moreover, we extend our heartfelt wishes for GDragon’s future endeavors and encourage his supporters to continue their unwavering backing.

Thank you.”

Future Prospects for GDragon

In the latest developments, there are indications that G-Dragon may be associating with “Galaxy Corporation.”

 Keep an eye out for further updates!

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