July 12, 2024
Seo Inguk Unexpected Reaction To Choi Lee Jae's Lineup: How Lee Jae Wook Stole The Spotlight
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Seo Inguk Unexpected Reaction to Choi Lee-Jae’s Lineup: How Lee Jae Wook Stole the Spotlight

Actor Seo Inguk’s Contentment with Co-stars

Seo Inguk, in a current discussion with SportsChosun at a cafe in Samcheongdong, Jongno, Seoul, conveyed his thoughts on the cast of his most delinquent project. 

He expressed his belief that the choice of Choi Leejae’s character would be impactful. Seo was particularly impressed by Lee Jaewook’s portrayal, feeling that Jaewook truly embodied his character.

“Death Game” – A Multifaceted Series

The serial ‘Death Game’, released on the 15th, features Seo Inguk as Choi Leejae, a character struggling with life after years of job rejections. 

This series uniquely explores various genres like action, noir, romance, and humanism through Choi Leejae’s life, which is depicted in eight out of twelve distinct experiences. 

The role of Choi Yijae, reincarnated through different actors, added depth to the narrative. Notably, Choi Siwon, + Seong Hoon, + Kim Kanghoon, + Jang Seungjo, + Lee Jaewook, & Lee Dohyeon each replicated Choi Leejae’s mannerisms and speech, enhancing the viewer’s experience.

The Challenge of Synchronizing Multiple Actors

Seo In Guk depicted the process as challenging yet rewarding. Coordinating schedules for all the actors was difficult, and the task of dividing script readings was complex. 

To maintain consistency, he recorded and filmed his own performance, which served as a guide for the twelve versions of LeeJae. This method allowed the director to finely tune each portrayal to match the original character.

Synergy and Results

Inguk highlighted the intricate planning involved in the project. When the twelfth Lee Jae character dies, Inguk’s character takes over, adopting the former’s emotions and expressions. This careful scheduling resulted in a strong synergy among the actors, as observed in the final product.

Impressions of Lee Jaewook’ Performance

Seo Inguk, having only watched the 1st part of the series, was struck by how closely the other actors mimicked his speech and mannerisms, to the point where it seemed as if he had dubbed their performances. 

He was particularly taken aback by feedback that Lee Jae Wook performance was remarkably similar to his own, reflecting the success of the actors in capturing the essence of Seo Inguk’s portrayal.

He shared, “The key aspects were my manner of speaking and similar elements.”

“They said Lee Jae Wook didn’t just emulate Seo Inguk’s style, but he also brought his own unique flair to it, which really stood out. It’s impressive how he managed to hold his own and even shine alongside an established actor like Seo In guk.”

He continued, “Lee Jaewook has been receiving positive feedback from those around me. Watching his performance, I was so immersed that I had to ask myself, ‘Is that my voiceover?’ It was not just imitation; he truly captured the essence of Choi Ieajae in that specific situation. The way he portrayed IeaJae so convincingly, it left me in awe.”

He remarked. “He mimicked the light tone I often use in my speech. Seeing that was really impressive.”

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