May 28, 2024
Yoo Ah In
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Hellbound a very hit series star named Yoo Ah In (another name Um Hong Shik), is now under investigation for consuming propofol often since 2021.

Yoo Ah In Inquiry

A renowned Korean actor was reportedly under police inquiry for allegedly using propofol, as stated in a broadcast on Television “News9” on 8 Feb. The usage of propofol, an anaesthetic as well as sleep medication, for purposes other than surgical operations is prohibited in South Korea.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Yoo also summoned only a few days earlier by the (SMPA) full name “Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency” to be looked into for allegedly breaking the (NCA) Narcotics Control Act.

As per claims, the star has been prohibited from travelling out of the country, and the (NISCI) has ordered an examination of his body hair in order to determine whether or not he consumed propofol.

Based on a representative of the MFDS, “After an expert evaluation, it was discovered that an enormous amount of propofol was recommended even though it was considered that he suffered from various illnesses same time.”

Yoo Ah In agency’s statement

Yoo’s UAA agency made a formal statement.

“This is UAA.
Yoo Ah In reportedly had a propofol-related police inquiry. He’s actively cooperating in all related inquiries, and we’d like to deal proactively with the problematic aspects.

We apologise for causing concern.”

Netflix response

The report has caused concern in the entertainment industry. The report has provoked concern in the entertainment industry. Yoo Ah In with Lee Byung Hun worked on the film “The Match,” which was initially set to stream on Netflix in early April. Through this occurrence, it is believed that “Competition’s” airing plan will re-discussed.

The shooting was initially scheduled to start in June for season 2 of the Netflix series Hellbound. Expectations regarding this season 2 are high due to the popularity of its 1st season, which dominated the 2021 weekly chart of Netflix.

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