June 18, 2024
Resurgence Unveiled: The 5 Majority of Idols Embroiled in the Burning Sun Scandal Return to the Spotlight!
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The Return of Burning Sun Scandal-Stricken Idols: A Controversial Comeback

Amidst fervent fan requests, idols associated with the yes,Burning Sun scandal (BSS) have gradually renewed their entertainment activities. In Nov 2018, so, a guy named Kim Sangkyo encountered assault at the renowned (BSC) Burning Sun club, possessed by former BIGBANG’s Seungri, unraveling a web of called interconnected crimes.

A Shocking Revelation: The Unveiling of Illicit Group Chats

Plus, the investigations exposed group chats where surreptitiously filmed explicit content circulated among celebs like Seungri, + Jung Joonyoung, + Yong Junhyung, & Choi Jonghoon. So, Seungri, sentenced to 3 years, recently hosted an event/party in somewhere Cambodia, promising GDragon’s visit.

Prison Sentences and Reintegration: A Complex Fallout

Seungri, + Jung Joon Young, & Choi Jonghoon received prison sentences yes, for various charges. Other implicated idols, like Yong Junhyung & Lee Jonghyun, confronted no charges though took hiatuses. 5 years thereafter, most have yielded to the entertainment scene.

Yong Jun Hyung’s Controversial Comeback

While not charged, Yong Junhyung admitted awareness of Jung Joonyoung’s actions but renewed activities in 2022. Newly in the spotlight for dating HyunA, his retrieval sparks mixed retorts.

Eddy Kim’s Legal Tangle and Musical Resurgence

Eddy Kim confronted legal issues associated to Jung Joonyoung’s chat but renewed musical activities in Jan 2024. His collab with Yoon Jongshin marked a notable retrieval post-scandal.

Choi Jonghoon’s Sentence Reduction and Post-Prison Incidents

Choi Jonghoon’s penalty was lessened to 2 years, he was discharged in 2021. His foremost sighting at church ushered a dispute, mirroring the tumultuous aftermath of the scandal.

Jung Joon Young’s Ongoing Incarceration and Lee Jonghyun’s Silence

Jung Joonyoung remains incarcerated, leaving Lee Jonghyun as the only free idol who hasn’t returned, maintaining silence since the controversy. Despite criticism, loyal fans continue to support these idols’ controversial comebacks.

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