July 12, 2024
Inside Look: Taehyung Enchanting 2 Minutes in Harper BAZAAR Korea – Fans' Reactions
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Taehyung Enchanting 2 Minutes in Harper BAZAAR

On the 26th of Jan, Harper BAZAAR Korea unleashed a special video clip featuring Taehyung for their forthcoming Feb issue. This tape comprises sole bts content, where Taehyung transmits a profoundly moving message devoted to his devotees, affectionately known as ARMY.

Touching Caption Accompanies BTS Star’s Video:

Accompanying the video, Harper’s broadcasted an emotional caption. They depicted how V, prior to his enlistment, left a visual treasure for his admirers. The magazine detailed that this footage, narrated by V himself, offers a glimpse into the photograph ambiance. They emphasized the significance of the heartfelt memo he recorded solo, against a stunning sunset backdrop, urging fans to witness this intimate moment titled ‘V’s Day’ featuring Celine.

BTS ARMY’s Emotional Reaction to New Footage:

The revelation of this video sent waves of emotion via the BTS fandom. Devotees were overwhelmed for multiple reasons: not only did the magazine unleash never-before-seen peeks of V, but it also highlighted his deep consideration for his fans, even amidst the harsh conditions of the cover shoot.

Taehyung’s Ethereal Appearance Celebrated by Fans:

Fans affectionately labeled Taehyung “Merman Taehyung” as they’re enchanted by his ethereal presence in Harper’s latest clip. On the same day, the BTS community was engulfed in a mix of emotions upon hearing Taehyung’s poignant message. He voiced his allegiance to the magazine shoot, publicizing that by the duration the content is public, he would be fulfilling his military tasks.

Watch Taehyung Enchanting 2 Minutes in Harper BAZAAR Korea:

A Parting Message from V

As the sun set over the ocean, Taehyung concluded his message with fervent wishes, declaring, “Merry 2024This was V.” So, he illustrated that he was entangled in a special photoshoot & by its out, he would be in military. Plus, he boosted his fans to appreciate the photographs, adding a bittersweet touch with his use of past tense in his farewell.

ARMY’s Mixed Emotions and Taehyung’s Hair Wish:

The BTS fanbase, globally recognized for their devotion, felt a pang of sadness with Taehyung’s message. His reference to his past self heightened their emotional response. Additionally, Taehyung expressed a desire to maintain long hair as seen in the shoot, further endearing him to his fans. The video, widely circulated online by ARMYs, showcased Taehyung’s stunning portrayal of the ‘Blue Dragon’ theme, moving many to tears.

Fan Reactions to Behind-the-Scenes Footage:

Following the release of the behind-the-scenes footage by Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, fans flooded social media with their reactions. They were deeply touched by the video and shared their thoughts and feelings across various platforms.

Taehyung’s Collaboration with CELINE

In this photoshoot, Taehyung worked alongside CELINE, a brand he globally represents. The shoot was inspired by the 2024 ‘Year of the Blue Dragon’, an astronomical theme. The photographs, characterized by their otherworldly beauty, were highly sought after, leading to the magazine selling out swiftly in numerous locations.

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