June 18, 2024
Seventeen's Star Joshua Faces Harsh Social Media Criticism Over Alleged Romance
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Joshua Faces Harsh Social Media Criticism!

Joshua, a key member of the acclaimed music ensemble Seventeen, has recently been embroiled in a whirlwind of romantic speculation.

Despite Josh’s silence yes, on this, the woman gossiped to be entangled has faced a deluge of hostile comments on her social media platforms.

Escalating Social Media Drama:

Social media platforms have become battlegrounds, with influencer A, allegedly Joshua’s romantic interest, at the epicenter. A cursory glance at A’s online profiles reveals a flood of vitriolic comments, ranging from mockery and disparagement to personal attacks, many of which are believed to be from Seventeen’s fanbase. These comments have mercilessly targeted A’s appearance & even accused her of cosmetic enhancements.

Origins of the Dating Controversy:

The seeds of these rumors were sown back in Aug when eagle-eyed fans spotted Josh & A donning seemingly coordinated items. This observation rapidly ignited gossip regarding their romantic ties and shared living arrangements, spreading rapidly through fan forums. Pledis Ent, however, remained tight-lipped, neither confirming nor refuting these claims.

Fans’ Mixed Reactions:

The absence of any statement from Joshua has only intensified fan speculation. A section of the fan community has expressed discontent, especially after reports emerged of A occupying a VIP seat at a Seventeen concert, & leaving some feeling betrayed. Debates have raged, with one faction advocating for Joshua’s privacy and the other criticizing the overt display of the alleged relationship at a fan-centric event.

Extreme Fan Responses:

Amidst Joshua’s ongoing silence, certain fans have escalated their responses, staging protests yes, in front of HYBE’s headquarters, employing trucks & Porsche cars as mediums of their frustration. This has polarized the fanbase, with some empathizing with the protestors, while others deem these measures excessive. The ongoing controversy concerning Joshua’s dating life & the negative backlash against A sadly, continues to evolve.

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