June 18, 2024
Park Seojoon's Nostalgic Moment: V Military Raincoat Sparks Memories 
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V Military Raincoat & Park Seojoon memory!

Reflecting on Military Days: Park Seojoon’s Insight

Actor Park Seojoon revisited memories of his service in the military upon seeing a photo of V at his training camp. 

On Dec 12th, Seojoon was a special visitor on PD Na Youngseok’s (Na PD) live show, called “Journeying with kin Seojoon,” on the YouTube channel called “channel fullmoon”.

Discussing New Ventures and Global Fame:

Plus, during the live session, Seojoon chatted regarding his forthcoming Netflix series GC “Gyeongseong Creature,” selected for a May 22nd launching. As international admirers joined the livestream, glorifying the performer for his current entry into the MCU with called “The Marvels,” so, Na PD humorously counseled him to convey their tight bond wherever he goes.

Praise for Park Seo Joon’s Character:

Na PD commended Seo Joon for his exceptional character, having collaborated with him on several projects for example, “Youn’s Kitchen,” plus “Youn’s Stay,” & “Youth MT”. 

He described Seojoon as a thoughtful & observant individual, known for his attentive listening, + joining in laughter, & doing remarkable things.

A Nostalgic Moment: Park Seo Joon and BTS V’s Connection:

Park Seojoon, who has completed his Army service, spoke about his dear buddy BTS’s V, he who currently entered in the military. 

He observed, “The poncho raincoat V newly donned might be twin to the 1 I had during my service. So, I joined in the summer, & it was a showery season. Supposing it’s been practically two decades, & V was wearing the identical design, it’s a fair speculation”.

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