July 12, 2024
Lee DaHae And SE7EN Now Finally Declared Their Marriage Date
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Lee DaHae and SE7EN now finally declared their marriage date.

These 2 celebrities started dating in the year 2015, later, in the next year 2016 they made it public. They announced their wedding plans to their followers on their personal Instagram pages on the following 20th March.

SE7EN letter to fans

Greetings, I’m SE7EN.

2023 embark 20 years yeah since my début. Without the unconditional love of the devoted followers who consistently demonstrate their support, I believe this wouldn’t be possible. I’m sincerely grateful & thankful.

First, I’d like to convey some happy news to all of u today. I made a marriage commitment on coming 6th May, my gf Lee DaHae. Over the past 8 years, DaHae has supported me in my highs & lows plus always accepted my flaws with love.

Plus now on, I’m going to start behaving more responsibly also maturely as a good husband plus head of the family. Lastly, I want to thank everybody again for their continued support plus, I’ll again welcome you positively. Thank U.

Lee DaHae letter to fans

Greetings, I’m Lee DaHae,

I’m unsure of the reason I’m feeling shy, however, given that we’ve been dating for 8 years, it may not come as a big surprise. I gave this a lot of consideration before deciding how to inform you.

We agreed to turn our lengthy relationship into marriage this coming May. I still prefer to refer to SE7EN as my bf. However, I’ll be a good spouse/ wife, who supports & cares for this man who has consistently stood by my side, brought me much joy, plus who’s going to be my companion/ partner for life.

Lastly, I’ll repay your affection/ love, I promise to continue to impress as a good actress also as a wife in the coming years. Thank U.

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