June 18, 2024
SEVENTEEN's Mingyu Fan Call Incident: Ends Video Call Over 'Inappropriate' Fan Query
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Empowering Idols: Advocating Assertiveness During Mingyu Fan Call Incident

Support from fans has now encouraged idols to assert themselves during uncomfortable interactions.

The resurgence of traditional, inperson fan signs post the COVID-19 hiatus contrasts with the continuation of video fan calls, enabling global fans to engage with their beloved idols. While these interactions often yield amusing or endearing moments, recent occurrences have ranged from awkward to offensive.

Mingyu’s Noteworthy Encounter: Handling an Uncomfortable Fan Call

So, a particular video call featuring Mingyu has sparked interest due to an awkward query & the idol’s response. Amidst a video call session for GOM “God of Music,” Min engages with 1 of a fan who initially requests a Christmas gift from the idol. Subsequently, the fan ventures into uncomfortable territory by asking to see Mingyu’s abdominal muscles.

Fan’s Request: Kim Mingyu’s Unexpected Response

However, during a current fan video call, so, a curious fan asked Mingyu if he could grant her a 1 Christmas gift. Mingyu, in good spirits, queried about her desired gift for the festive season.

However, that convo took an unpredictable move when the fan requested to see Mingyu’s abdominal muscles.

Mingyu chuckled at the request, kindly declined, and before the fan could further inquire, he bid her farewell, ending the call abruptly, & surprising the fan.

Mingyu’s Amusement and Conclusion

Amidst laughter, Mingyu complimented the fan’s humor but reiterated his refusal, stating it was a firm “no.” With a cheerful “Bye~” from Mingyu, the call ended swiftly, leaving the fan perplexed.

Her attempt to ask Mingyu for an explanation was cut short as Mingyu ended the call abruptly, prompting her confusion and an exclamation of surprise.

Staff Intervention and Sudden End:

As the video call neared its scheduled conclusion, staff could be heard notifying that the allotted time was up. While this timing might explain the call’s termination, the ending was notably more sudden and abrupt compared to the typical conclusion of such interactions.

Fans have long wished for idols to feel empowered to terminate calls that make stars uncomfortable. They express satisfaction that Min was able to assert himself in this situation.

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