July 12, 2024
Unforeseen Goodbyes: 9 Korean Celebrities Gone Too Soon, Victims of Pressure & Bullyingstars
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Here’re 9 Korean Celebrities Gone Too Soon!

1. ASTRO’s Moonbin: A Sudden Departure

2023 was marked by the loss of beloved stars, especially ASTRO’s Moonbin, whose untimely passing at 25 on April 19th reverberated across the music realm. The shockwave led to a cascade of canceled official engagements, mourning his departure across the industry.

A Mourning Industry: Impact and Tributes

Moon’s younger sister, Moon Sua, alongside close friends like Seventeen’s Seungkwan & VIVIZ’s SinB, took necessary breaks to cope with the profound shock. Abiding by the family’s wishes, a private funeral honored Moonbin, withholding the burial site. An exclusive memorial space for fans was arranged by the agency.

2. Actor Lee Sunkyun: A Sudden Loss

The news of actor Lee Sun Kyun’s demise in a Seoul park on Dec 27th this year 2023 shook the entertainment circuit. Having been under investigation for drug-related issues in October, his departure, coupled with a note resembling a testament, left a profound impact.

An Icon’s Legacy: Grief and Recognition

Lee Sunkyun, who commenced his acting journey in 2001, earned acclaim through stellar dramas like “White Tower,” + “Coffee Prince,” “Pasta,” & “My Mister.” The international fame soared with the 2019 film called “Parasite,” amassing accolades. At 48, he bid adieu, leaving behind his wife, actress Jeon Hyejin, and their two sons.

3. Haesoo’s Departure

Korean singer Haesoo was discovered deceased in her residence last week. Reports from Naver indicated the presence of a note suspected to be authored by the 29-year-old trot singer prior to her passing. This tragic event marks the second loss of a star within a month in the Korean Ent industry.

4. Goo Hara’s Tragic Passing

At 28, Hara was found deceased in her home merely 6 weeks after Sulli’s suicide. Her IG post with the word ‘Goodbye’ caused concern. Goo candidly addressed the immense pressures of K-pop notoriety, citing the relentless public scrutiny that intrudes into private lives. She previously survived a suicide attempt when her boyfriend threatened to expose their intimate moments.

5. Remembering Song Yoojung

The unexpected passing of Song Yoojung on Jan 23, 2021, left supporters reeling with shock & devastation. Her agency, Sublime Artist, refrained from confirming the cause of her untimely demise. At 26, Song Yoojung left behind a remarkable legacy, recognized for her parts in various shows & music videos. Her presence extended to web series & commercials for esteemed brands like Estée Lauder & Baskin-Robbins.

6. Jonghyun’s Heartbreaking Loss

Kim Jonghyun the lead vocalist of SHINee for 9 years, tragically ended his life at 27 in 2017. A note made public after his passing revealed his inner turmoil: “I’m shattered inside. The relentless grip of depression has finally consumed me entirely.”

7. Musical Actress Park Sooryun’s Tragic Fall

Musical actress Park Sooryun departed on June 11th after a staircase accident that led to brain death at 29. Her family chose to honor her kind spirit by donating her organs following the tragic incident.

Debuting in 2018 with the musical called “Il Tenore,” Park Sooryun garnered acclaim through popular productions called “Day We Loved,” + “Siddhartha,” & made appearances in “Snowdrop” serial as a supporting actress.

8. Choi Jinri, AKA Sulli’s Sorrowful Demise

Sulli, once part of f(x), departed the group in 2015 for an acting career. With over 5 million IG followers, Jinri took her life back in 2019, troubled by cyberbullying after supporting a feminist campaign advocating ‘braless’ freedom.

So, the C-Word podcast on Luminary features an episode called ‘Sulli,’ delving into the controversies surrounding her life, choices, & the distressing trend of suicides in the Kpop realm.

9. Cha Inha’s Tragic Passing

Following Goo Hara’s recent suicide, so, actor Cha Inha was discovered deceased in his Seoul residence shortly after. Known by his real ireum Lee Jaeho, Cha stepped into the film industry in 2017 & was formerly part of the 5 member boy band called Surprise U.

However, the circumstances surrounding his demise remained undisclosed, & there were no reports indicating Cha faced the severe online harassment that afflicted other stars. 

Notable for parts in productions called “Temperature of Love,” + “The Banker,” & “Clean with Passion,” & Cha Inha’s passing left lovers mourning his loss.

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