May 28, 2024
Park Seo Joon Finally Addresses Dating Rumors
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Park Seo Joon finally addresses dating rumors!

The media’s talk for his forthcoming movie “Concrete Utopia” was held on June 21.

So, the reporters question his (Park Seo Joon’s) current dating speculations with YouTuber named xooos (Kim Sooyeon) that appeared yesterday, June 20, at the press briefing.

Park Seo Joon remarks

Park Seojoon responded, “I discovered that there had been such information recently since there’s a project, I’m doing right now working. I immediately thought many individuals had an interest in me.”

Seo Joon also added, “I’m thankful for the interest, yet in my situation, I typically feel tremendously pressured by revealing my private affairs, therefore as it’s something that is private, I believe it’ll be challenging for me to specifically remark.”

He stated, “Kindly show plenty of interest in this film,” because today is the initial formal scheduled gathering for ‘Concrete Utopia.'”

About “Concrete Utopia” & actors

However, a new catastrophe thriller entitled “Concrete Utopia” is focused on what happens after a terrible earthquake. The survivors congregate in Hwang Goong Housing units, the only structure still standing yet in an earthquake-devastated Seoul, where the story of the film starts.

Youngtak, depicted by Byung Hun, serves as Hwang Goong Flats’ interim leader who’ll stop at nothing to keep the structure safe from intruders.

The married pair portrayed by Seo Joon & Park Boyoung is adamant about defending their home and flat. Kim Sun Young + Park Jihu + Kim Do Yoon, & other actors also appear in the movie.

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